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(Physical Therapy, Fitness Programs, Body Recovery, and More!) LG-MULTI CLINICAL MASSAGER, TENS Unit, and Stimulator with BODY SELECT LCD Screen


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(Physical Therapy, Fitness Programs, Body Recovery, and More!) LG-MULTI CLINICAL MASSAGER, TENS Unit, and Stimulator with BODY SELECT LCD Screen

Product Description

The LG-MULTI is a Clinical MASSAGER, FITNESS, and RECOVERY instrument that assists in Physical Therapy. It is a "MULTI" Program Device that has a TENS Unit for Pain, Muscle Stimulator for Fitness and Recovery, and a Full Sports Massage Function for three in one therapy. The BODY DIAGRAM on the BUILT IN LCD Screen provides you with an easy way to use the unit and electrode pads.

What's Included?

  • LG-MULTI 3 in 1 CLINICAL MASSAGER, FITNESS, RECOVERY - TENS Unit, and Muscle Stimulator
  • Electrodes Lead Wires
  • 40mm x 40mm Adhesive Electrodes
  • (4) AAA Batteries
  • Instruction Manual
  • Carrying Case
  • 3 Year Warranty, Satisfaction Guarantee

Benefits of the LG-MULTI Include:

  • Symptomatic relief of chronic intractable pain, acute post traumatic pain or acute post surgical pain. Increase of blood flow in the treatment area.
  • Relaxation of muscle spasm
  • Immediate post-surgical stimulation of muscles to prevent venous thrombosis
  • Prevention or retardation of disuse atrophy
  • Muscle re-education
  • Maintaining or increasing range of motion
  • Part of a Fitness Regime


Muscle Massage Training, and Recovery Program

Athletic Training - Neglected for many years, muscle preparation has today become indispensable for the competitive athlete. In this respect, muscular electro stimulation is a complementary training technique widely used by an increasing number of athletes aiming to improve their level of performance. Increasing the maximum strength of a muscle, developing muscular volume, increasing the explosive strength of muscles or improving the capacity of muscle fibres to sustain effort over long periods of time are objectives that differ according to the sporting discipline being practiced. Ensuring optimal muscle preparation immediately before competition, combining electro stimulation with voluntary muscle training, optimizing the effects of training techniques such as stretching, reproducing the muscular stress resulting from “polymeric” training or imposing a “restoration” activity on muscles is easily accessible today thanks to the high specificity of the new programs offered by your device. Use of programs of the Sport category is not suitable for atrophied muscles that have suffered any kind of pathological process.

Fitness Programs - Today there are more fitness enthusiasts than ever before, and their number is rising. Apart from some rare individuals who have real competitive targets, the vast majority have only one aim: to restore their body to peak physical condition or maintain it at that level.

Cardio training therefore alternates with more specific exercises to develop or maintain a good quality musculature. With this in mind, the sought-after aims may differ according to who is doing the training: increasing muscle volume to achieve an imposing stature (body-building) or better muscle endurance to improve physical comfort during sustained efforts. Combined with a voluntary physical activity (aerobic exercises in the fitness facility, footing, cycling, swimming, etc.), which becomes more pleasant and therefore more effective, The programs of the Fitness category enable users to obtain a toned and harmonious figure.

Aesthetic Programs - Thanks to their great diversity and their high specificity, the Aesthetic programs provide the solution for everyone who wants to regain and keep the benefits of intense muscular activity. These programs allow you to restore and maintain a firm body, shapely figure and toned skin.

Indeed a sedentary life-style is very bad for the figure, especially if you have a poorly balanced diet. The muscles which are not used much lose their qualities: loss of strength, reduced tone, slackness. They can no longer carry out their tasks of supporting the body and holding the organs in place. The body becomes soft and loose, with clear consequences on body shape.

Rehabilition and Relaxtion Programs - The low frequency current used for the Rehabilition and Relaxation category of programs significantly improves blood circulation in the stimulated area. Many people, more particularly women who remain standing for long periods, suffer from circulatory problems. These mainly affect the legs and are caused by stagnation of the blood and the lymph and are manifested by a feeling of “heavy legs”, swelling, or the dilatation of surface veins. The consequences are multiple: fatigue, tension, pain, lack of oxygenation of tissue and the appearance of varicose veins and edemas.

TENS Pain Relief Program and Muscle Stimulation:

Physical pain is an abnormal and unpleasant sensation caused by an injury, a disorder or incorrect functioning of a part of our organism. It is a signal sent to us by our body, which should not be ignored, and that in all cases requires us to consult a doctor if it does not disappear quickly.

The approach to pain adopted by the medical profession has changed considerably in recent years. Treatment of the cause is always fundamental, however the pain as such must be otherwise removed or at least considerably reduced and made bearable for the patient. The means to combat pain have developed greatly, and there is no longer any hesitation today in using powerful analgesics to improve the quality of life of patients.

How Does TENS Control Pain?

The device provides pain relief in two ways. The first is the gate control method. When the body is injured, both pain and non- pain impulses are sent to the brain from the nervous system.These pulses travel through the cutaneous nerves to the deeper, afferent nerves, and then to the spinal cord and brain. Along the ath are many areas referred to as “gates,” which determine which impulses are allowed to continue on to the brain. The gates prevent the brain from receiving too much information too quickly. Since the same nerve cannot carry a pain and a non-pain impulse at the same time, the stronger, non-pain impulse from the device “controls the gate.” The second method of pain control is the endorphin release method. The device can be set to trigger the body's natural pain killers, called endorphins. These chemicals interact with receptors, blocking the perception of pain. This is similar to the way the pharmaceutical drug morphine works, but without the side effect associated with morphine. No matter which pain control method is employed, the Device has been proven useful in pain management. By reading this manual and carefully following the treatment instructions provided by your clinician, you can attain maximum benefit from your device.

How does Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) work?

Because the transdermal stimulation of nerves and muscles may be accomplished by electrical pulses, this modality can help prevent disuse atrophy. Accordingly, incapacitated patients can receive therapeutic treatment to create involuntary muscle contractions thereby improving and maintaining muscle tone without actual physical activity.

The goal of electrical muscle stimulation is to achieve contractions or vibrations in the muscles. Normal muscular activity is controlled by the central and peripheral nervous systems, which transmit electrical signals to the muscles. EMS works similarly but uses an external source (the stimulator) with electrodes attached to the skin for transmitting electrical impulses into the body. The impulses stimulate the nerves to send signals to a specifically targeted muscle, which reacts by contracting, just as it does with normal muscular activity.

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