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Sonicator Plus combination therapy units combine ultrasound with electrical stimulation in one compact package. These units combine the quality and ease of use embodied by the Sonicator therapeutic ultrasound and Sys*Stim stimulator products. Multiple stimulation waveforms and dual frequency applicators for therapeutic ultrasound have been included in these units to increase their utility.

The Sonicator Plus 930 features a 1 and 3 MHz, 5 cm2 applicator for therapeutic ultrasound and the three most popular stimulation waveforms for the busy practice: Interferential, Premodulated and Medium Frequency (Russian). It has an easy-to-use membrane panel, designed to assist the clinician with quick set-up. You can start a treatment by selecting treatment parameters with as few as three keystrokes and adjusting intensity with a twist of a dial. The enclosure has a cradle on the top of the unit to conveniently hold the ultrasound applicator between treatments. Up to three treatment protocols may be run simultaneously on three different timers.

General Specifications:
  • Input: 90–240 VAC, 50–60 Hz, 2.3 Amp Nom.
  • Certification: The Sonicator Plus 930 complies with the ultrasound performance standards set forth in the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21 (Food and Drugs), Part 1050.10 ETL and C-ETL Listed: Model ME 930 (9801427)
  • Classification: Protective Class I Equipment
  • Type BF Equipment
  • Enclosed equipment without protection against ingress of water.
  • Equipment not suitable for use in the presence of a flammable anesthetic mixture with air or with nitrogen oxide
  • Year 2000 Compliant Yes
  • U.S. Patent Numbers: 4,966,131 and 5,095,890
  • Weight: 8.7 pounds
  • 4.0 kg
  • Dimensions: 6 in (H) x 12 in (W) x 12 in (D) 15.2 cm (H) x 30.5 cm (W) x 30.5 cm (D)
  • Operating Temperature: +50°F to +104°F +10°C to +40°C
  • Humidity: Operating, 30% to 75% Relative Humidity at 104°F Nonoperating, 5 to 95% Relative Humidity, noncondensing
  • Storage Temperature: -40°F to 167°F -40°C to 75°C
  • Timer Accuracy: ±0.5 minutes for times less than 5 minutes ±10% for times from 5 to 10 minutes ±1.0 minute for times greater that 10 minutes
  • Maximum Treatment Time: 60 minutes–electrical stimulation
  • 30 minutes–ultrasound or combination therapy
  • Treatment Timer: Treatment time counts down to zero when a time is set, or up to 60 or 30 minutes when no time is set. The digital timer indicates time in minutes and seconds. The timer also indicates the remaining or elapsed treatment time during the “Hold” period.

    Ultrasonic Generator Specifications:
    • Frequency: 1.0 MHz ±5% 3.2 MHz ±5%
    • Modes: Continuous
    • Pulsed—20% duty cycle
    • Pulse Repetition Rate: 100 Hz ±20%
    • Pulse Duration: 2 msec ±20%, 20% duty cycle
    • Temporal Peak/ average intensity ratio: 5:1 ±20%, 20% duty cycle
    • Maximum output power: 11 W with a 5 cm² applicator, (ME 7513)
    • Maximum intensity: 2.2 W/cm²
    • Indication accuracy: ±20% (for any level above 10% of maximum)
    • Output description: The output waveform is continuous or pulsed as programmed by the membrane panel control. In the pulse mode the 1 or 3.2 MHz sine wave pulses are modulated. The power level is adjusted by varying the pulse amplitude.

    • Weight: 8.7 pounds, (4.0kg)

    • Dimensions: 6 in (H) x 12 in (W) x 12 in (D), (15.2 cm (H) x 30.5 cm 149 x 30.Scm (L))

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