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Do you have stiff neck, back pain, or sore muscles?

The LG-XPII Massage Unit can help! Try the Tui-Na Ancient Chinese massage in the comfort of your own home! LG-XPII Massage Unit provides relaxation and deep soothing massages to your muscles. You can relieve muscle tensions and pain within 20 minutes!

The LG-XPII Massage Unit Chinese Massager is for the busy professional that deserves the very best. Many of us do not have the time or money for a professional massage. The The LG-XPII Massage Unit brings the personal massage directly to you – anytime, anywhere, any place! The XPII Unit has the latest features and newest massage technology. Relief minor aches and pains, address blood pressure, and relief stress and tension.

The The LG-XPII Massage Unit is considered as the most safe electrophysiology therapy in the world, It will stimulate your body from head-to-toe and help to relieve stress and tension. The LG-XPII Massage Unit “Tui-Na” Chinese Massager includes massage ear clips (for a variety of conditions). There are also optional massage slippers available for the unit.(slippers sold separately). As a standard with this device, you can adjust the built-in timer in increments from ten minutes to one hour. Comes with Digital LCD Screen and you can easily adjust time and intensity.

Why pay $70/hour for a session to a massage therapist when you can get instant massages at the comfort of your own home? You will be amazed by the massage sensations produced by our massager! It feels like the fingers of a real Chinese massage therapist applying “Tui-Na” Massage Techniques on your muscles. You will have to try it to believe it!

Unlike other handhold massage instruments, our massager is “hands-free.” You apply the massage pads to your body, turn on the switch, and “Tui-Na” Massage does the rest. You do not have to tediously roll any massage ball on your body or painstakingly bend your arm so that your vibrating massage instrument can reach the aching muscles on your back. You just relax and let the massager works your muscles. This is how a massage is supposed to be – pleasant and relaxing!

“Tui-Na” Massage is not a boring massage instrument like others. It has a chip that is programmed with multiple bio-electrical signals. These signals are sent out in phases with variable speeds (from slow to fast) to produce the best massage sensations. There are so many combinations of signals that it keeps you guessing on what’s going to come next. Getting a massage from our massager is not a boring routine. It is an “adventure” that you are going to enjoy every evening, after a day of hard work. You can also enjoy massages while typing, studying, watching TV, or traveling.

As a bonus with your LG-XPII Massage Unit you will receive an Acupuncture Placement Chart that shows you the pressure points and other normal treatment points in the art of massage. treat many kinds of pains without side effections from chemical medicine. There is no guessing. This chart is simple to use.

Use the included ear clips and the LG-XPII Massage Unit will relieve body pressure and give you a deep and soothing relaxation that will make you mentally feel less stress, anxiety, and other medical conditions. There are about 360 pressure points on your ears, so the earclips are an excellent addtion to the system.

LG-XPII Massage Unit Comes Complete with:

  • 1 LG-XPII Massage Unit
  • Chinese Acupuncture Treatment Points Chart – You can use this chart to find pressure points to treat many kinds of pain without side effections from chemical medicine.
  • Lead Wires and 2 Pair of Pads (Large and Small) – (4 Massage Pads that do Kneading, Tapping, Grabbing, and Combination Treatment)
  • Ear Clips to Address Blood Pressure – Press Lower BP on bottom, acupunture therapy to provide depressurization of body
  • Dual Outlets to Treat 2 People at One Time
  • 3 AAA Battery
  • USB Connection (to plug into computer and use)
  • Belt Clip
  • A 50 Page Instruction Manual with instructions on operation, relieving pain, acupunture therapy, how to lose weight, and foot region massage (very informative).
  • Optional Items Include: Additional Pads, Slippers, AC Adapter


    • Features:


  • Multiple combinations of massage sensations with variable frequencies.
  • Intensity can be adjusted using dial switch.
  • Durable massage pads.
  • Automatic turn-off after 1 hour.
  • Battery lasts up to 2 months (battery is included).
  • Easily Portable, Satifaction Guaranteed!