ICD9 Codes (for Healthcare Provider Reference Only)

Cervical Spondylosis 721.0 TENS, Traction

Spinal Enthesopathy 721.1 Traction

Lumbosacral Spondylosis 721.3 TENS, IFC, Traction

Cervical Disc Displacement 722.0 TENS, IFC, Traction

Intervertebral Disc Displacement 722.2 Traction

Cervical Disc Degeneration 722.4 TENS, IFC, LVPDC, Traction

Disc Degeneration 722.6 TENS, Traction

Lumbar Disc Displacement 722.10 TENS, IFC, LVPDC, Traction

Lumbar/Lumbosacral Disc Degeneration 722.52 TENS, IFC, LVPDC, Traction

Cervical Disc Displacement with Myelopathy 722.71 Traction

Post Laminectomy Syndrome 722.83 TENS

Disc Displacement NOS Cervical 722.91 Traction

Cervical Spinal Stenosis 723.0 Traction

Cervicalgia 723.1 TENS, IFC, LVPDC, Traction

Brachial Neuritis 723.4 TENS, Traction

Spinal Stenosis/Lumbar 724.02 TENS, Traction

Pain in Thoracic Spine 724.1 TENS

Lumbago 724.2 TENS, IFC, LVPDC, Traction

Sciatic 724.3 TENS, Traction

Lumbosacral Neuritis 724.4 TENS, LVPDC, Traction

Backache 724.5 TENS, IFC, Traction

Other Back Symptoms 724.8 TENS

Myalgia/Myositis 729.1 TENS, Traction

Neuralgia/Neuritis 729.2 TENS, Traction

Anomaly of the Spine 756.19 Traction

Sprain/Thoracic Region 847.1 TENS, IFC, Traction

Sprain/Lumbar Region 847.2 TENS, IFC, LVPDC, Traction

Joint Pain/Shoulder 719.41 TENS, IFC, Dynamic ROM

Shoulder Region DIS NEC 726.2 TENS, IFC

Lateral Epicondylitis 726.32 IFC, HVPDC, LVPDC

Pain in Limb 729.5 TENS, LVPDC

Sprain/ Rotator Cuff 840.4 TENS, IFC, NMES

Sprain/Supraspinatus 840.6 TENS, IFC, NMES

Local Osteoarthrosis/Leg 715.16 NMES, TENS

Osteoarthrosis/Leg 715.96 NMES, TENS

Chondromalacia Patella 717.7 NMES, TENS

Internal Derangement Knee 717.9 NMES

Old Disrupted Anterior Cruciate Ligament 717.83 NMES

Joint Effusion/Ankle 719.07 LVPDC

Joint Pain/Pelvis 719.45 TENS, IFC

Joint Pain/Leg 719.46 TEN, IFC, LVPDC

Pain in Limb 729.5 TENS, LVPDC

AQC Ankle/Foot Defect 736.79 NMES

Tear Lateral Meniscus 836.1 NMES, LVPDC

Dislocated Patella 836.3 NMES

Sprain/Cruciate Ligament (Knee) 844.2 TENS, IFC, NMES, LVPDC

Sprain/Knee and Leg 844.9 NMES

Sprain/Ankle NOS 845.0 LVPDC

Urinary Incontinence 788.30 PFES

Urge Incontinence 788.31 PFES

Stress Incontinence 788.32 PFES

Mixed Incontinence 788.33 PFES

Cerebral Palsy 343.9 NMES, Dynamic ROM

Paraplegia NOS 344.1 NMES

Bells Palsy 351.0 NMES

Stroke CVA 436.0 NMES, Dynamic ROM

Muscle Disuse Atrophy 728.2 NMES, PFES

Plantar Fibromatosis 728.71 LVPDC

Muscle Weakness 728.87 NMES, PFES

Muscle Spasm 728.85 NMES, IFC

Muscle/Ligament DIS NEC 728.9 TENS, IFC, NMES

Myalgia/Myositis 729.1 TENS

Neuralgia/Neuritis NOS 729.2 TENS, IFC

Pain in Limb 729.5 TENS, IFC

Spinal Cord Injury 952.9 NMES

Serum Reaction 999.5 TENS

Joint Replacement Knee V43.65 NMES

Post Surgical State V45.89 TENS, IFC, NMES, LVPD

ICD9 Codes (for Healthcare Provider Reference Only)