Joint Pain Relief System

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The Benefits of ArthriFon

Removing cause of pain

Pain Suppression by increasing the electrical resistance of nerve wires so pain signals do not reach the brain, when cause of pain not yet removed

Improved Blood Flow – bringing nutrition to the cartilage for rejuvenation

Cartilage Byproduct Removal – disintegrating fragments of discarded cartilage, which causes pain

Increased Production of Joint Fluid – lubricating joints, making them more flexible, as well as providing cartilage with nutrition

Improved Capillary Blood Flow – Restore Capillary Functions, allowing better delivery of nutrition to the joint for its normal functioning

What you can get?

ArthriFon vibroacoustic therapy device with four vibraphones attached

Power supply

One universal support, which can be used for ankle/knee/shoulder/elbow joints

One bottle of Chondroitin/Glucosamine/MSM pills (60 days supply)

Eliminate Joint Pain book

What is Sound Therapy?

Vibrosound (Sound Therapy) is the process of propagating sound waves vibrations through the body. As medical technology, Vibrosound is used to alleviate pain.

The development of this technology is based on the recognition that external vibrations can influence how the human body functions. Vibrosound stimuli occur naturally, but are not detectable because the sounds waves are very small.

To get an idea of the phenomenon, simply close your ears tightly with the palms of your hand and clench your teeth. The muscles in your jaw will contract and you may hear a wavering or buzzing sound.

How Does VibroSound work?

Our body consists of cells. They naturally vibrate at differing sound (sonic) frequencies which can be measured by an oscilloscope . This discovery was made at The University of South California few years ago. It was discovered that each cell vibrates with its own distinct frequency. And when disease develops, the frequency at which a cell vibrates can change.

In our joints, fragments of decomposed cartilage (consisting mostly of protein) binding to a synovial capsule membrane. Because that particles, of decomposed cartilage, did not remove from the joint capsule fast, (due to the decreasing blood circulation) the arthritis starts.

Commonly, that situation creates inflammation. If anything attaches to synovial capsule membranes, the cell changes its physical dimension, and its self-resonant frequencies. Normally, inflated cells around nerve receptors get lager in volume and mechanically squeeze more nerve sensors.

Those squeezed nerves’ sensors (receptors) send electrical signals to the brain via nerve “wires” to tell us what we are in pain. If one receptor sends a small pain signal, you probably cannot detect it. When billions of sensors send pain signals, you will feel a sharp pain. As soon as cells become inflamed, the cell self-resonant frequencies change too. For example, cancer cells sound differently than normal cells because they are larger and theirs resonate frequencies is lower.

Mechanical stimuli to the nerve sensors (e.g., stretching, sound waves) activate mechanically-gated sodium channels. These sodium channels are constantly produced electrical pulses under mechanical stimuli (in our case inflated cell larger in volume squeeze or stretching nerve’s sensors).

One part of ArthriFon regimens suppresses transmitting those electro chemical signals from nerves sensors to the brain. Some second parts of ArthriFon regimens buy increasing blood circulation help to remove those cartilage fragments faster.

In youngest years of our life fragments of destructed cartilage normally removing from joints with a good blood circulation on time and we do not have any problem with our joints. In case of osteoarthritis or, how we call, Degenerative Joint Decease (DJD) those particles of destructive cartilage did not remove on time and OA is beginning.

Very often cartilage damage provoked osteoarthritis. For a sportsman situation gets different by any way comes to a reduction of nutrition delivered by blood to the cartilage. Sports increasing loads on cartilage and larger cartilage require more nutrition. This nutrition is delivery by increasing blood circulation during sports activity. However, when that activity dramatically reduced, how much nutrition, that cartilage needs, reduced too. In other words lager cartilage asks for more nutrition to support cartilage life. If that nutrition will not delivery the cartilage beginning to decompose and if not removed on time from joints the Arthritis starts. This is 90% cause for arthritis pain.

Vibrosound helps to restore the cells natural vibration, its normal sodium-potassium internal balance. ArthriFon is constantly changed applying frequency. When cell membrane resonant frequencies will found, the binding protein separates from membrane and with increasing blood flow and other toxins move out of cartilage and arthritis pain stopped.

How Does It Help?

When sound from vibraphones reach body cells, it forces them to vibrate at that particular frequency. In other words, it shakes them up. Under forced sound vibration, the fragments of distracted cartilage cells (protein) separate from the synovial capsule membrane and disintegrate to the molecular level. Through increased blood circulation, those proteins are removed from the synovial capsule (the joint). When that occurs, the pain will vanish. And if cartilage is not damaged further, there will be no more cause for further pain.

During a therapeutic session, sound frequencies are modulated and changed, so that problematic cells are affected, shaken up, and the membrane is cleansed. This process is similar to cleaning the dust from a cloth by shaking it.

When sound interacts with a cell, ions (that is, molecules in water solution) inside the cell start to move faster, increasing the molecular interaction. The more interactions between molecules that occur, the more speed and quality of the chemical reactions. The result is improved cell function and remove cause of pain.

This is a promising medical approach, now being studied throughout the globe.

How Does VibroSound Alleviate Joint Pain?

ArthriFon generates sound energy and transmits it to the vibraphones. When you apply the vibraphones around your joint, sound energy goes directly to your body. ArthriFon restores normal joint function, remove toxins, and thus alleviates joint pain. An ArthriFon treatment regimen is designed to simulate with sound frequencies the bodys natural vibration. The sound constantly changes, just as your own vibration varies from one cell type to another.

Numerous effects of Sound Therapy (vibratory stimulation) contribute to healing action of ArthriFon on your joints:

This technology contributes to the healing action of ArthriFon on your joints. Clinical trials conducted in Europe and North America has confirmed these positive results.

Blood flow improvement in the area where they apply VibroSound is critical. It increases the blood supply from four to fifteen times. This facilitates the removal of toxins, which cause pain, and the reduction of inflammation, leading to cartilage rejuvenation. Moreover, this allows more arthritis medicine to reach the joint (you may need it at beginning of ArthriFon treatment).