NEW 3rd Edition “LG-8TM” Professional 8 Electrode TENS Unit and Muscle Stimulator Combination Unit with AC Adapter Included – (Free Shipping)

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The New Professional 2010 2nd Edition LG-8TM Dual Combination TENS Unit and Muscle Stimulator 2nd Edition is here! The LG-8TM 3rd Edition has even stronger intensity and more versatility that the original, LG-8TM TENS Unit and Muscle Stimulator Combo is a definite Upgrade.

The LG-8TM comes with 8 Electrodes to treat up to 4 areas at the same time. Our Professional LG-8TM TENS Unit / Muscle Stimulator Combo Unit comes with Free 3 Day Shipping, a Satisfaction Guarantee and a 2 Year Warranty.

The 2010 LG-8TM 8 Electrode Combo TENS and Muscle Stimulator is used for Pain Relief, Muscle Stimulation, Rehabilitaton, Toning, and Massage. These effects are acheived WITHOUT the unpleasant side effects of pain medication The LG-8TM 8 Electrode Combo can be used with its AC Adapter (included).

The LG-8TM Combination TENS Unit and Muscle Stimulator Unit is a small, pocket-sized, portable unit that can be worn as much as you would like for immediate and effective pain relief and/or Muscle Rehabilitation and Toning.

This easy to use unit comes with 8 electrode pads, so you can treat various parts of the body at once. This is a powerful unit with INTENSITY control. You can also customize the pulse width and pulse rate to the settings that acheive the best individual pain reduction and rehabilitation results. The LG-8TM is just as powerful as those used in the clinics.

The LG-8TM is safe, effective, and easy to use – even with no experience. Simply place the “sticky” electrode pads on or around the area of pain and adjust the unit to the settings that feel the best for you. You will feel the pain reduction IMMEDIATELY, within the first minute of usage. For some patients, the relief will last for days between uses, for others – they need to simply wear the unit daily. The nice thing is that you can use as needed – no more time consuming and COSTLY appointments with your therapist, as you can use this professional unit at home as much as you like – and when you need it the very most.

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The LG-8TM TENS/Muscle Stimulator Combo Unit includes:

  • 2010 3rd Edition LG-8TM 8 Electrode TENS Unit / Muscle Stimulator Combination (4 Channel, 8 Electrodes)
  • AC Power Supply for Home Use
  • Protective Hard Carrying Case
  • 8 Electrode Pads
  • 4 AA Batteries for travel
  • 40 Inch Lead Wires for Maximum Reach
  • Safety Covers to Protect Settings
  • Sturdy Belt Clip
  • Timer Built in for Compliance
  • Easy to Use Complete Instruction Manual
  • 5 Modes of TENS, 3 Modes of EMS, 8 Total Modes
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Optional items include: Conductive Electrode Prep Spray (prolongs electrode life), Recharger and Rechargable Battery, Extra Electrode Pads.

Simply Place the Re-usable Electrode Pads on the area, or around the area of of pain or muscle stimulation and receive immediate relief and physical therapy within minutes! Why use expensive medication when a more cost-effective solution exists?

The TENS Component of the LG-8TM relieves pain fo a wide variety of conditions for both acute and chronic pain. The TENS Unit works by overriding the pain signal to the brain (by electrical current) and helps relieve uncomfortable pain in the upper and lower back, shoulder, neck, foot, elbow, legs – just about anywhere that you need pain relief.

The Muscle Stimulator Component is used for pain relief, muscle toning, and rehabilitation. It is commonly used for muscle spasms, muscle atrophy, and more.

The LG-8TM is approved by the FDA as both safe and effective.

The LG-8TM comes Brand New with Everything Needed for Immediate Use including Carrying Case, Lead Wires, Electrodes, Battery, and Instruction Manual.

For a Limited Time, Receive FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING with your purchase of the LG-8TM. Let the LG-8TM help you “Live Good” Today!

Escape from Chronic Pain Without Drugs! Order the LG-8TM 8 Electrode TEN / EMS Combo Unit Today!

The Optional Items you may wish to purchase are:

  1. Electrode Preparation Spray which prolongs the life of the electrodes (pays for itself) by hydrating the electrode pad as well as removing body oil which erodes the electrode pads.
  2. Battery and Recharger which is an excellent option that includes 4 AA batteries and battery re-charger which will save you money in the long run. The re-chargable battery lasts for 24 hours of use and you will not have to buy more AA batteries that can get expensive.
  3. Extra Electrode Pads The unit comes with 8 Electrode Pads that last 20-30 times. We also recommend purchasing some additional electrodes. At some point you will need to replace your electrodes.

Check out our Additional Pain Relief units, such as the LG-US1 Portable Home Ultrasound Unit. Ultrasound Units help speed the healing process by reducing inflammation and swelling. The LG-US1 Ultrasound Unit and LG-8TM TENS Unit/Muscle Stimulator make for excellent combination therapy. Many of our customers like to utilize both.

It is not a bad idea to purchase the Recharger and 4AA Rechargable batteries. Although the LG-8TM comes with an AC Adapter which allows you to use the unit at home, it does not charge the batteries in the unit. The battery charger will allow you to get more use out of your unit, without the expense and inconvenience of purchasing additional AA Batteries in the future.

Additional Information:

The LG-8TM 8 Electrode TENS and Muscle Stimulator Combo Unit has a strong and powerful intensity of 100mA. You can Adjust the Intensity, Pulse Width, and Pulse Rate to find the perfect setting for you, just like at the chiropractors office. The LG-8TM Dual Combo Unit is a 4 Channel, 8 Electrode TENS / Muscle Stimulator Machine. The 8 Electrode Pads allow you to treat several areas of the body at the same time. The LG-8TM has 8 different treatment settings – 5 Adjustable Modes of TENS, and 3 Modes of Muscle Stimulation.

The LG-8TM comes with an AC Adapter. You can use at home with the AC adapter, or take the Unit “on the road” with the 4 AAA Batteries (included). Batteries last approximately 24 hours worth of treatment – quite a bit of time.

The LG-8TM is only 425 grams making it very portable. It also comes with a sturdy metal belt clip with rubber side rails for added protection. The Unit also comes with a Timer and Compliance Meter.

The LG-8TM Dual Combo Unit consists of 2 Synergistic Therapies in One – a TENS Unit and a Muscle Stimulator:

1. TENS Unit (T.E.N.S):

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is a non-invasive, drug-free method of controlling pain. TENS Units use tiny electrical impulses sent through the skin to nerves to modify your pain perception. In most patients it is effective in reducing or eliminating the pain, allowing for a return to normal activity.

In many patients, the reduction or elimination of pain lasts longer than the actual period of stimulation (sometimes as much as three to four times longer). In others, pain is modified while stimulation actually occurs.

TENS Units are used to control Chronic and Acute pain including Rheumatoid and Osteo-arthritis, Back pain, Menstrual Pain, Labour Pain, Peripheral Nerve Injuries, Shingles, Headache and Migraine, Cancer Pain, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Phantom Limb Pain, Sports Injuries, Sciatica, Aching Joints, Post Operative Pain, Muscular Pain, Whiplash and Neck Injury and many other painful conditions.

TENS Units are Simple and Easy to Use. Four Electrode Pads are placed near or around the areas in pain. Because it is Dual Channel, you can use 2 or All 4 Electrode Pads at the same time. You control the pulse width, pulse rate, and intensity and in just 20 minutes per day you will experience dramatic pain relief!

Low Frequency: The lower frequencies, 2-5 Hz, are believed to cause the body to react. The reaction creates natural painkillers, or endorphins. The endorphins block the pain naturally and while popular, this isn’t the usual method of using TENS.

High Frequency: For more intense pain, higher frequencies, 90-130 Hz, work to actually interrupt those pain signals being sent to the brain. This is the most common use for the machine and while you start slow, it’s not uncommon to need to up the frequency to find the best block.

2. Electronic Muscle Stimulator (EMS):

Electronic Muscle Stimulators (EMS) Stimulate, Re-educate, Massage, and Build Muscle. Electronic Muscle Stimulation is basically done by stimulating some areas of the body. For this purpose, an electronic stimulation device is used – electrode pads are placed directly on the body area(s) that need to be stimulated. By dialing the voltage, you can pick different pressure on the muscles, that create various medical and cosmetic effects.

The low voltage is usually done on smaller, involuntary muscle groups, which cannot be stimulated in other ways. The low voltage also stimulates the brain, which starts sending impulses through the involuntary muscles, thus stimulating them as well.

Electronic Muscle Stimulators (EMS) are used for both medical treatment and cosmetic purposes (conditioning and toning). Medical conditions treated by Muscle Stimulation include: Muscle Spasms, Long-term Disuse after Fracture or Prolonged Bed Rest, Strengthening for Joint or Muscle Injury, Immobilized Limbs, Atrophy Prevention, Bell’s Palsy, Stress Incontinence, Muscle Weakness, Improving Muscle Tone, Muscle Spasticity following a Stroke, and Personal Fitness Training.

How our Electronic Muscle Stimulators (EMS) will help you Reach Your Fitness Goals.

The benefits of EMS have been discussed extensively in terms of rehabilitation and pain relief. In addition, many atheletes incorporate EMS into their training program.

There are four main uses for Electronic Muscle Stimulator Units as part of your fitness training program:

1. Enhancement of Maximum Strength

2. Faster Recovery

3. A Rehabilitation Tool

4. Motor Learning and Muscle Recruitment Tool

Simply Place the Re-usable Electrode Pads on the muscle area that you wish to stimulate and receive immediate relief and physical conditioning. Why use expensive medications with side effects when a more cost-effective, drug free solution exists?

The “LG-8TM” 8 Electrode Dual Combo TENS Unit & Muscle Stimulator Complete System is the Simply our Best and Most Powerful Dual Digital Combination Unit on the Market! LG-8TM Dual Combo Unit will help Relieve Your Pain Quickly and Effectively, as well as Build, Re-educate Muscle, and Increase Blood Circulation.

How it works:

The LG-8TM is a battery operated pulse generator that sends electrical impulses electrodes to the body and reach the nerves and underlying muscle group. The device is provided with two controllable output channels, each independent of each other. The intensity controls are protected by a cap to avoid accidental touch. The settings are controlled by push buttons.

The LG-8TM Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation(TENS) targets pain exactly where it occurs. A TENS unit is simple and easy to use and compact provide quick and dependable pain relief at work, home or play. Many of the following painful medical conditions can be alleviated with our products:- Back pain, Peripheral Nerve Injuries, Shingles, Headaches and Migranes, Cancer pain, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Phantom Limp Pain, sports injuries, Sciatica, Aching Joints, Rheumatoid and Osteo-arthritis, Post Operative Pain, Muscular pain, Whiplash and Neck injury, and much more.

The LG-8TM Electrical Muscle Stimulation(EMS) is used for both medical and cosmetic purposes (conditioning and toning). Medical conditions treated by Muscle Stimulation include: Long-term disuse after fracture or prolonged bed rest, rogressive strengthening for joint or muscle injury, Immobilized Limbs, Atrophy Prevention, Bell’s Palsy, Stress Incontinence, Muscle Weakness, improving Muscle Tone after weight loss or childbirth, muscle spasticity following a stroke, and fitness training.


  • 01: Channel Four, isolated between channels
  • 02: Pulse Amplitude Adjustable, 0-100 mA peak into 500 ohm load each channel.
  • 03: Wave Form Asymmetrical Bi-Phasic Square Pulse
  • 04: Voltage 0 to 50V (Load: 500 ohm)
  • 05: Power source Four AA batteries
  • 06: Size 13.8cm(L) x 7.8cm(W) x 2.8cm(H)
  • 07: Weight 425 grams with battery.
  • 08: Pulse Rate Adjustable, from 2 to 150 Hz, 1 Hz/step
  • 09: Pulse Width Adjustable, from 50 to 300 microseconds, 10 s/step
  • 10: On Time Adjustable, 2~90 seconds , 1 Sec./ step
  • 11: Off Time Adjustable, 0~90 seconds , 1 Sec./ step
  • 12: Ramp Time Adjustable, 1~8 seconds, 1 Sec./ step, The On time will increase and decrease in the setting value.
  • 13: Mode Five TENS Modes: B(Burst), N(Normal),M(Modulation),SD1( Strength Duration), SD2
  • Three EMS Modes:C(Constant) S > (Synchronous), A(Alternate)
  • 14: Burst Mode Burst rate: Adjustable, 0.5 ~ 5Hz
  • Pulse width adjustable, 50~300s
  • Frequency fixed = 100 Hz
  • 15: Normal Mode The pulse rate and pulse width are adjustable. It generates continuous stimulation based on the setting value.
  • 16: Modulation Mode Modulation mode is a combination of pulse rate and pulse width modulation. The pulse rate and width are automatically varied in a cycle pattern. The pulse width is decreased by 50% from its original setting in 0.5 second, then the pulse rate is decreased by 50% from its original setting in 0.5 second.Total cycle time is 1 second. In this mode, pulse rate(2-150Hz) and pulse width(50-300 s) are fully adjustable.
  • 17: SD1 Mode The SD1(Strength-Duration) mode consists of automatic modulation intensity and pulse width in 40% range. The intensity is always increasing while the pulse width is decreasing and vice-versa. The intensity is decreased by 40% while the pulse width is increased by 40 in 5 seconds. In the next 5 seconds, the intensity is increased by 40% while the pulse width is decreased by 40%.Total cycle time is 10 seconds. Pulse rate ( 2~150Hz) and pulse width(50~300s) are fully adjustable.
  • 18: SD2 Mode The SD2(Strength-Duration) mode consists of automatic modulation intensity and pulse width in 70% range. The intensity is always increasing while the pulse width is decreasing and vice-versa. The intensity is decreased by 70% while the pulse width is increased by 70% in 5 seconds. In the next 5 seconds, the intensity is increased by 70% while the pulse width is decreased by 70%.Total cycle time is 10 seconds. Pulse rate( 2~150Hz) and pulse width (50~300s) are fully adjustable.
  • 19: Constant Constant stimulation based on setting value. Mode (C) Only pulse width, pulse rate and timer are adjustable in this mode. Constant is equal to the “Normal” mode of a TENS unit
  • 20: Synchronous Stimulation of both channels occurs Mode (S) synchronously. The ON time including Ramp Up and Ramp Down time. Therefore, the setting of ON Time should be no less than two times of the Ramp time in this mode. ON TIME Ramp up + Ramp down
  • 21: Alternate The stimulation of the CH2 will occur after Mode(A) the 1st contraction of CH1 is completed. In this mode, the setting of ON Time should be no less than two times of the Ramp time. The OFF Time should be equal or more than the ON Time. ON TIME Ramp up + Ramp down OFF TIME ON TIME
  • 22: Timer – Two Adjustable timers, from 1 to 60 minutes or Continuous. Adjustable in 1 minute each step from 1 to 15 minutes, and 5 minutes each step from 15 to 60 minutes. Treatment time countdown automatically.
  • 23: This unit can store 60 sets of operation. Compliance Meter Records. Total recorded time is 999 hours.
  • 24: Low Battery A low battery indicator will show up when battery is low.
  • 25: Operating Temperature:0~40C
  • Condition Relative Humidity: 30%~75% Atmosphere Pressure : 700Hpa~1060Hpa
  • 26: Remark There may be up to a +/-5% tolerance of all parameters and +/-20% tolerance of amplitude & voltage.

Customer Testimonials:

The product is great, and work wonderful, but the thing that makes this even better is their customer support. The usps had lost mine and they handled the problem nicely. I would recommend buying from them any time.

I’ve used 5 different TENS units before, and this is by far the best E-stim you can get. Easy to use, batteries last for ever, easy to use. My favorite part, is that the buttons are under the door, on the front of the unit, and not at the top. So you can close the door, and put it in your pocket, and go on with your day, without accendently cranking it way up, or way down. 0-99 power, can change the width from 0-300 (depth) and 0 – 5 hz (how fast it pulsates) You can also set a timer for it will auto turn itself off.

Just amazing to find a device that can give you the perfect solution for muscle therapy. I suffer for years from backache and I need to be prepared on a daily basis to work at least 5 hours on my radio show, since I start using LG 8TMP I feel better. It is a versatile model because I can use from 2 to 8 pads according to my needs.

I did a lot of research before purchasing this product. I love it. I use it for my lower back and knees. I like that it has the ability to do both knees at the same time. I, also, appreciate the AC/DC power ability. LG Medical really backs their products! I highly recommend the company and this particular tens machine. The doctor has told me to use it all night long on my back. I have done that for months and am impressed by the machine.

Thanks to this product and instructions of and PT dept.; it is the first relief from many years of continuous pain that my partner has received. He can now progress with his therapy and heal more fully. He is much more comfortable. With in minutes he actually smiled a true smile and started laughing. I can not tell you what joy that brought to us both! The product arrived promptly and was just as represented in the picture and text.

Shipping was fast, and the customer support people were knowlegable and helpful in answering my questions and assisting in helping me chose the proper unit for my needs. The unit itself works as advertised, and is easy to use, and their website includes downloadable electode placement charts. I am very satisfied with this unit and have recommended it to other people I know with pain management problems