Laser Sys*Stim 540 Infrared Laser with Both Applicators by Mettler Electronics

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A newly added product category for Mettler Electronics advances the fight against pain using a therapeutic infrared laser that directs painrelieving light deep into tissues. Super luminous diodes are also available to treat larger areas with soothing infrared light. Both forms of light energy produce temporary increases in blood circulation, temporary relief of minor muscle and joint aches, pains and stiffness, relaxation of muscles and temporary relief of minor pain and stiffness associated with arthritis.


The Laser Sys*Stim 540 has a laser probe with a GaAs Diode that emits infrared coherent light at 785 nm (810 nm, export only). Blue LEDs at 470 nm illuminate the treatment field to show the clinician where the laser is pointed. An optional SLD/LED cluster probe, with 950 nm SLDs and 660 nm LEDs is also available.

The control unit allows the clinician to set treatment time, continuous / pulse modulation modes and laser output energy. All treatment parameters are displayed on the LED displays and controlled via the membrane keypad. There are holders integrated into the unit to store applicators when not in use. Laser output can also be adjusted via controls on the both the laser and cluster applicators. The Laser Sys*Stim 540 comes standard with a battery for truly mobile laser therapy and has the ability to store up to 10 custom protocols of your choice.

  • Weight: 5.5 lbs., (2.5 kg)
  • Dimensions: 9.4 in (W) x 4.7 in (H) x 9.4 in (D), (24 cm (W) x 12 cm (H) x 24 cm (D))
  • Warranty: 2 years, 1 year on applicators


Q: Is the cluster probe an infrared probe?
A: Yes, cluster and infrared are one in the same.

Q: what is the difference between the laser probe and the cluster probe?
A: The laser probe is designed for relatively deep penetration and focusing on a small specific area. The cluster probe is designed for relatively shallow penetration and for focusing on a larger less specific area.

Q:Do I have to purchase both probes when I buy the 540?
A: No. you can purchase either of the probes at the time of purchase or both.

Q: Do you recommend buying both probes?
A: Yes, having both the laser and cluster probe will give you the ability to treat most any condition. There are some conditions that require the laser probe and some that require the cluster probe.

Q: If I buy the laser probe at the time of purchase can I add the cluster probe at a later time?
A: Yes. You can purchase the additional probe at a later time.

Q: Do I need to wear the protective eyewear?
A: When using the laser probe, both the clinician and the patient need to wear the protective eyewear.

Q: Is the 540 portable?
A: Yes. The 540 comes with a battery already installed in the device. Simply charge the battery and take it on the road with you.

Q: What makes the 540 different than other laser units I see on the market?
A: The 540 is unique due to the affordability, the battery is included, easy to use and has a self testing feature on the unit.