The Laser Sys*Stim 540 (Includes 2 Applicators)

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The Laser Sys*Stim 540

Shine a new light on your practice with the newest member of Mettler Electronics product line for therapy, the Laser Sys*Stim 540. This exciting new device features a laser applicator at 785 nm for deep tissues. While the optional cluster applicator with 950 nm SLDs amd 660 nm LEDs allows the clinician to treat larger areas. The control unit allows the clinician to set treatment time, continuous/pulse modulation modes and laser output energy. In addition, ten user-defined programs are available for fast and easy treatment setup. Laser output can be adjusted via controls on both the laser and cluster applicators. Each Laser Sys*Stim 540 comes with a battery so you can take light therapy with you on the road. A built-in sensor allows you to check the laser output to verify that its working Find out more about how you can introduce light therapy into your practice today.

The Mettler Electronics Laser Sys*Stim comes with a 785 nm laser probe with visible blue LEDs that illuminate the treatment field. An optional SLD/LED cluster probe with 950 nm SLDs and 660 nm LEDs is also available. The Laser Sys*Stim allows the clinician to set treatment time, continuous/pulse modulation modes and laser output energy. All treatment parameters are displayed on the LED displays and controlled via the membrane keypad. There are holders integrated into the unit to store applicators when not in use. Laser output can also be adjusted via controls on the both laser and cluster applicators.

Weight: 5.5 pounds, (2.5 kg)

Dimensions: 4.7 in (H) x 9.4 in (D) x 9.4 in (W), (12 cm (H) x 24 cm (D) (24 cm (W))

Laser Applicator Specifications:

Wavelength: 785 nm

Power: 80 mW

Treatment area illumination: Th ree blue LEDs (470 nm)

Output activation: Capacitance switch on applicator handle

Beam spot: Elliptical beam spot 2.8 mm x 1.1 mm (elliptical beam area of = 9.2 mm) at the aperture.

Divergence: Elliptical beam divergence 18 degrees and 7 degrees

Eye protection: Uvex glasses with a minimum of 80% attenuation in the wavelength range of 780 nm to 860 nm. The Uvex glasses are supplied with the unit.