“LG Ultimate Exercise Glider with Shocks” (Walk on Air!)

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Stride and glide your way to a healthier you!

Your first step towards getting fit and healthy is to get a workout machine thats right for you, your budget and your fitness goals which include burning fat, gaining strength and increasing your overall flexibility

The Ultimate Glider with Shocks delivers a low-impact workout thatll get your arms, legs, back and abs in shape while at the same time helping you reach your other fitness goals!

A simple and effective gliding workout machine that gives you the fullest exercise range that you can experience right in your own home the Ultimate Glider with Shocks is your first step towards gliding and striding your way to a better you!

A safe and effective workout machine

Most workout machines place a lot of stress and pressure on your joints. As a result, youll feel sore after youve exercised, but you wont get the desired result. Thats because your body is compensating to make itself comfortable while youre working out.

The Ultimate Glider with Shocks is designed to minimize impact, so that no pressure is placed on your arms and legs. Because of this unique design, youll be able to enjoy a low-impact workout that delivers results and leaves you feeling great when you use your Ultimate Glider with Shocks.Shocks are not to reduce impact; they are actually pistons that increase resistance

What’s Included:

Ultimate Glider with Shocks

Personal Training Monitor

Instruction Guide

Product Features:

Smooth striding motion actually feels like youre walking on air

Special shock design minimizes impact and stress placed on your joints, muscles and knees so you wont feel sore and discomfort during your workout

Improves your cardiovascular system

Gives you the benefits of running without the impact on your knees and joints

Comfort grip handles

Personal training monitor keeps track of vital workout information so you can track your progress: time, distance, calories used and pulse

Durable construction can support up to 250 lbs

Easy assembly and it folds flat for easy and quick storage

Large and comfortable foot pedals