Electronic Stimulation Muscle Massage Unit LG-XPIII with Slippers, Earclips, and Rechargeable Battery

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Product Description

The LG-XPIII is a Professional Electronic Muscle Stimulation Massage Unit and Muscle Stimulator specifically designed for full body muscle treatment and massage. The LG-XPIII helps relieve pain, increase blood circulation, reduce stress, and so much more! If you are looking for a Muscle Stimulator that has a specialized muscle massage function, then the LG-XPIII is the unit for you!

The LG-XPIII Electronic Stimulation Muscle Massage Unit comes with 4 Massage Pads. The LG-XPIII has several different program, treatment, and massage modes including Kneading, Tapping, Grabbing, and Combination Treatment Therapy – You can expect a surprisingly deep muscle massage treatment, immediately leading to relaxation, stress reduction, and ache and pain relief. Imagine getting a deep, professional soothing massage any time you wish! The LG-XPIII makes this a reality!

Today, as as special bonus we are including Earclips and the Massage Shoes with the LG-XPIII – so now you can get a massage literally from head to toe.

Unlike other handheld massage instruments, the LG-XPIII massager is truly “hands-free.” Simply apply the massage pads to area of treatment and turn on the switch. Choose your program mode and intensity and relax. Enjoy a deep muscle massage with a variety of programs.

LG-XPIII Electronic Massage Unit produces electronic signals (pulses) in phases with variable speeds (from slow to fast). You control the programs and intensity. By experimentation you will choose the best program and intensity that provides the most comfort and pain relief.

The LG-XPIII Electronic Muscle Massage Unit comes with a placement chart that shows you the best areas to place the massage pads.

Some of our customers use the ear clips with the LG-XPIII Massage Unit to relax and reduce blood pressure, relieve stress, anxiety, headaches and other medical conditions and pains.

LG-XPIII Electronic Massage Unit Comes Complete with:

      • 1 LG-XPIII Massage Unit
      • Massage Pad Treatment Points Chart – You can use this chart to find points to treat many kinds of pain without side effections from chemical medicine.
      • Lead Wires and 2 Pairs of Reusable Pads (Large and Small)
      • Multiple Treatment Modes and Intensity including Kneading, Tapping, Grabbing, and Combination Treatment
      • Dual Outlets to Treat 2 People at One Time
      • Convenient Rechargeable Battery
      • USB Connection to Utilize with PC or at Work
      • Sturdy Belt Clip
      • Comfortable Massage Slippers
      • Complete Instruction and Education Manual


    • 4 Distinct Massage Modes with Customized Intensities
    • Built-in Timer from 10-60 minutes
    • Intuitive display on LCD screen
    • Dual Electrode Outlets for multiple massage points
    • Dual sets of massage pads and all 4 can be used at same time and they are reusable again and again.
    • Dual power sources
    • Built in Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
    • Power converter for convenient plug in
    • USB extension wire
    • Convenient pads-sticking board