Clinical Care Plus Ultrasound Unit with 2 Sound Heads (2 Frequencies: 3-MHz and 1-MHz Ultrasound)

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Our New and Improved Clinical Sound Care Plus Ultrasound Unit. Whether you are a doctor, PT, chiropractor, or simply looking for high end office ultrasound unit, the Clinical Sound Care Plus Ultrasound will exceed your expectations.Product Features:

  • Comes complete with two sound heads
  • Used for the treatment of chronic and acute muscular pain
  • User can switch between dual sound heads with the push of a button
  • Fully functional 1 MHz and 3 MHz frequencies
  • 20 user-defined presets with pulsed and continuous therapy
  • Ergonomic handle design

When considering buying new equipment, it makes sense to look for products designed with the help of the people who will use it most. The SoundCare Plus Ultrasound Machine was designed with the help of therapists to provide cutting edge ultrasound therapy. The intention was to create an ultrasound unit which could treat a wider range of injured areas easily and effectively. This clinical ultrasound device comes with top of the line features which make it a great choice for any physical therapy clinic.The Sound Care Plus comes standard with 2 sound heads (1 cm and 5 cm) that can be plugged in at the same time, with the ability to switch between wands at the push of a single button during an ultrasound treatment.With an easy to read digital panel, the Sound Care Plus also has an ergonomic handle design making it one of the easiest therapeutic ultrasound machines to use.The SoundCare Plus comes with 20 user-defined presets with pulsed and continuous therapy options taking the question out of which treatment parameters to use for a variety of patient issues.With the ability to provide ultrasound therapy at either 1MHz or 3MHz. 3MHz ultrasound is absorbed more rapidly, and is appropriate to treat the superficial tissues such as the jaw of patients suffering from Tempormandibular Joint Disorder. The 1MHz energy is absorbed less rapidly with progression through the tissues, and can therefore be more effective at greater depth, making it useful to teach deeper muscular problems like sciatica.When giving an ultrasound treatment, practitioners can choose between continuous ultrasound therapy (creating a deeper thermal effect helping decrease muscle spasms) or pulsing therapy (perfect for treating trigger points).Ultrasound therapy has many benefits which make it a popular modality to be used in physical therapy treatment. Research has shown that ultrasound therapy can decrease inflammation, increase tissue flexibility, help heal scar tissue, increase soft tissue healing and decrease pain.When choosing an ultrasound therapy device its important to consider a machine that will deliver the best quality treatment to your patients. The SoundCare Plus Ultrasound Machine is not only easy to use, but can facilitate patients healing efficiently so they can get back to their daily lives.The Sound Care Plus Ultrasound System includes:

  • Sound Care Plus Ultrasound
  • Ultrasound Head with 5cm2 AER
  • Ultrasound Head with 1cm2 AER
  • Power Adapter 1.35A to 100-240V
  • Small Supply of Ultrasound Gel

Ultrasound therapy can cause increase in tissue relaxation, local blood flow, and scar tissue breakdown. It will also decrease pain, increase tissue flexibility, increase soft tissue healing and decrease inflammation. The SoundCare Plus Professional Ultrasound unit can treat patient issues such as bursitis, tendonitis, muscle strains and tears, sprains and ligament injuries and joint contracture or tightness.This unit is in-stock and available for immediate shipping.