“WORLDS SMARTEST TENS!” LG-SMART Digital LCD TENS Unit with Therapeutic Area Select, Lead Wires, Electrodes, Battery, AC Adapter, and Carrying Case


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LGMedSupply is proud to introduce the LG-SMART TENS Unit. The LG-SMART TENS is our newest (and BEST) TENS Unit on the market and has something that many units do not – Therapeutic Body Area Selection! THE LG-SMART TENS Unit has the HIGHEST INTENSITY of all our TENS Units – 105mA. Simply stated, you will not find a TENS Unit with BODY AREA SELECTION for under $500 Dollars!

The LG-SMART TENS comes with both an AC Adapter and Batteries to maximize your treatment at home or on the road! It is light, thin, and portable.

The LG-SMART is our first TENS Unit where you can choose the PRE-SET BODY AREA right on the LCD Screen. PRETTY SMART, HUH? That is correct. Unlike basic TENS Units, on LCD Display you will see 10 highlighted body areas. Simply choose the exact body area that you wish to treat, adjust the intensity, and begin your therapy.

You may choose the EXACT desired therapeutic “body area” selection to the following body areas:

  • Neck
  • Shoulder
  • Mid Back
  • Low Back
  • Elbow
  • Wrist
  • Hip
  • Knee
  • Ankle
  • Foot

IN ADDITION, you can control the Intensity and Treatment Time with the built in timer.

We are certain that this is the “SMARTEST” TENS Unit and EASIEST TENS that you have ever used.

LG-SMART TENS stimulator is a portable electrotherapy device featuring Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) therapeutic device, which is used for pain relief. The stimulator sends a gentle electrical current to underlying nerves and muscle group via electrodes applied on the skin. The parameters of device are controlled by the buttons. Its intensity level is adjustable according to the needs of patients.

Pain does not begin until coded message travels to the brain where it is decoded, analyzed, and then reacted to. The pain message travels from the injured area along the small nerves leading to the spinal cord. Here the message is switched to different nerves that travel up the spinal cord to the brain. The pain message is then interpreted, referred back and the pain is felt.

LG SMART TENS Stimulator should be used for the Symptomatic relief of chronic intractable pain, acute post traumatic pain, acute post surgical pain and arthritis pain. There is nothing “magic” about Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulations (TENS). TENS is intended to be used to relieve pain. The TENS unit sends comfortable impulses through the skin that stimulate the nerve (or nerves) in the treatment area. In many cases, this stimulation will greatly reduce or eliminate the pain sensation the patient feels.

The LG-SMART Digital TENS Includes:

  • LG SMART Digital TENS Unit
  • Electrode Leads Wires
  • 40mm x 40mm Adhesive Electrodes
  • Belt Clip
  • AC Adapter
  • 9V Alkaline Battery
  • Instruction Manual
  • Carrying case

Technical Specifications:

  • Channels: Dual: Isolated Between Channels
  • Power Supply: 9V Alkaline battery, type: 6LR61 AC Adapter output:v9.0Vdc, 800mA (optional)
  • Operating conditions: 5C to 40C (41FH to 104FH)with a relative humidity of 30%-75%,atmospheric pressure from 700 to 1060 Hpa
  • Storage conditions: -10C to 50C (14FH to 122FH)with a relative humidity of 10%-90%,atmospheric pressure from 700 to 1060 Hpa
  • Dimensions: 4.52.550.9 inches(L*W*H)
  • Weight: 0.28 lbs(With battery)
  • Tolerance: There may be a 5% tolerance of all setting and 10% tolerance of output of intensity.
  • Electrode Detection Function: The amplitude level will be reset to 0mA when the amplitude level is 12mA or greater and an open circuit at either channel is detected.
  • Timer 15,30,60 minutes and continuous

Technical Description

  • Waveform – Mono-phase Square Pulse Wave
  • Pulse Rate Mono-phase square pulse wave
  • Adjustable 0~105mA peak at 1000 ohm, Load each channel 1mA/Step
  • Pulse Width: From 100 to 260us microseconds
  • Pulse Rate: From 50 to 150 Hz

“LG SMART is Simple and Easy to Use”

Select the treatment time:

There are 4 choices available for the treatment time-15 min, 30min, 60min and continuous. The treatment time can be selected by press [ T ] button.

Select the therapeutic part program:

LG SMART TENS Stimulator with 10 pre-set programs. The program can be selected by pressing the [ S ] button control. The therapeutic part program indicator will flash after you selected. Apply electrodes to the exact site.


Press the intensity control button ([▲] and [▼]) to control the intensity output. Slowly press the intensity button control until you reach the setting recommended by your physician or therapist. Repeat for the other channel, if both channels are to be used.

Safety Lock Feature:

The Safety Lock Feature automatically activates after there is no operation in the panel for 30 seconds by locking out the ability to press the buttons. This is a safety feature to prevent accidental changes to your settings and to prevent accidental increases to the intensity levels. You can press either one of the [▼] button to unlock the device.

Be “SMART” and Order the LG SMART TENS Today!