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Who says you cant fight the laws of gravity?

Everyday, our bodies go through stresses that were not even aware of: Carrying & lifting items, walking, stretching and twisting ourselves in odd and unnatural ways. At the end of it all, it affects our posture, level of comfort, our ability to relax and most importantly, our overall health.

The LG Inversion Table relaxes sore muscles, improves, encourages good posture and relieves back pain all in the comfort and convenience of your own home and in a safe and comfortable manner too!

Great for your back!

As an alternative to expensive and risky invasive back treatments, inversion therapy can strengthen your back, elongate your spine and eliminate the pressure from your discs, ligaments and nerves.

In addition, inversion treatments help improve blood and lymphatic circulation while relieving overall pressure from your spinal column. Youll feel great and move with more fluidity too!

The LG Inversion Table is a great way to experience inversion therapy in the comfort of your own home. Doctors and hospitals use inversion therapy to improve back strength and health and now you can too.

Easy to Use

Getting on and off the LG Inversion Table is safe and simple. Once youre on, you lie flat on your back and stretch your back muscles.

You can decide which angle is most comfortable and effective for you. You can lie at an angle, completely horizontal, or completely vertical while upside-down.

With padded ankle and heel holders and an adjustable leg boom, you can be certain that the LG Inversion Table is safe and effective for most body types and heights.

And when youve finished, the LG Inversion Table folds away for easy storage against a wall, or under the bed!

Why use the LG Inversion Table?

A typical day can involve sitting in traffic or at a desk, and running around all day carrying big and bulky items. That takes a toll on our backs, posture and overall health.

And over the course of many days, all that stress and pressure can affect how we move, work, live and play. We literally contort our bodies each and every day, but we dont take the time or have the ability to put them back in their proper and healthy form.

With the LG Inversion Table, you can:

Relax stiff joints and muscles

Restore peace and calm to your mind

Improve your digestive system

Enhance proper posture

Increase your bodys flexibility

Stretch away the Stress

Because during a typical day, we end up sitting, stretching and punishing our bodies all day long, it can really effect how your body and mind can operate!

The LG Inversion Table loosens stiff muscles and restores a sense of balance to your body. After a tough day and sore muscles, you just need some R&R; courtesy of the LG Inversion Table.

Give your body the peaceful and healthy boost it deserves and order your LG Inversion Table with FREE SHIPPING Today!