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The triple action slimming belt!

You would love to slim down your thighs with a relaxing and effective sauna treatment. At the same time, youd like to work on your arms and your abdominals. Also, you want to be able to do all this from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Think it cant be done? Think again!

The LG-SaunaPro3 consists of 3 Personal Sauna Belts which targets all your problem areas at the same time, so you end up slimming away more pounds faster without the heat and discomfort of traditional sauna rooms!

A hot boost for you!

Traditional sauna rooms simply fill up with steam that surrounds your body, but doesnt target specific areas so you dont really experience the true sauna benefit.

Because the LG-SaunaPro3 Personal Sauna Belt is designed to work right against your body, youll be able to feel and see the true results of a sauna faster and more effectively. Great to use while relaxing, or in conjunction with your regular exercise routine, your SaunaPro3 will give you the hot boost you need to get slimmer, faster!

The LG-SaunaPro3 consists of 3 adjustable slimming belts in one (1 large belt, 2 smaller belts) allows you to target 3 problem areas at the same time!

This helps you sweat away unwanted pounds & inches, and helps flush out harmful toxins from your body

The Built in LED Timer Function lets you decide how long to use the SaunaPro3. Touch temperature control adjusts from 95 to 145 degrees.

Great for your abs, waist, hips, thighs, arms and more!

Secure Velcro ensures the Sauna Pro 3 stays firmly in place while your using it.

The LG-SaunaPro3 gives you all the benefits of a sauna room treatment without the scorching steam or hot, uncomfortable wooden benches.


1. LG-SaunaPro3 Personal Sauna Belt

2. Instruction Guide

3. Diet Plan

4. Tape Measure to Measure Results

5. AC Wall Adapter