Patient Testimonials


Finally! Relief after 12 years!

“I suffered from degenerative arthritis in my neck for 12 years. It started with a nagging pain in my neck, radiating up and down. I went to a chiropractor for adjustments, massage and physical therapy, but received only temporary relief for one or two days, after each visit. Then, I developed sharp headaches and had to go to a pain clinic. The doctor gave me several injections in my neck, and prescribed me some strong arthritis medicine. The treatment lasted around 7 to 10 days, but the pain came back. Three months ago, I decided to try Arthrifon. I used it daily before going to bed for the first two months. I could feel the difference from the very beginning. The effect of the treatment lasted for a whole day. At first, the pain kept returning by the end of the day. Soon I could skip a day or two without treatment. Now, I do one treatment per week. My pain is gone, and I have not suffered any side effects. Now everyone in my family uses Arthrifon to treat joint pain.”

George, 48, Engineer, Atlanta, GA

No more pain!

I get painful flare-ups from fibromyalgia – a persistent joint pain – mostly in my knee caps and from the elbow to the hand. Not long ago, it got bad. I tried the ArthriFon device in the test mode, using it at different times and increasing intervals on both knees. After about six weeks the pain went away and I haven’t been bothered since (four months ago). For me, it was a very effective product and I think it would be excellent for anybody with sharp pains. It was a pain relief similar to acupuncture. If I ever have another flare up, I will use ArthriFon again.

Kim, 47, Bank manager, Tampa, FL

My knees are better!

My knee was really bothering me and started to worry me. I have a lot of steps in my home, and the pain and concern was especially alarming every time I walked up and down the steps or carried my child. A few years ago, a similar pain in my other knee led to a torn meniscus, surgery, and far too many inconvenient visits to a physical therapist. This time I was determined NOT to go down the same route. I tried ArthriFon and couldnt believe it! In less than two weeks, I stopped noticing the pain. Now I feel completely better. I still apply ArthriFon weekly just in case because it helps my muscles stay healthy and it eliminates toxins. I also use it on my neck and shoulders when they get too tight. This device is really great! Thanks ArthriFon.

Jody, 44, Consultant, Stone Mountain, GA

Relief from back and neck pain!

I have been suffering with bulging disks in my neck for several years, dating back to a car accident I had 30 years ago. I also have degenerating disks in my lower back from years of long distance running. I have tried everything to get relief from the constant pain, including chiropractors, pain clinics, and many different types of pain medication and arthritis medications. Nothing worked. My husband bought an ArthriFon device from you about 3 months ago as a last resort to try to procure me some relief from the pain. I have been using it now for 3 months, twice a day, for approximately 15 minutes at a time. Without a doubt, ArthriFon has helped me reduce the pain in both my neck and lower back, to the point that I no longer need to take all the medications I was once taking. Not only that, but I have gained a much greater range of motion in my neck, which I can only attribute to the ArthriFon therapy I do each day. For anyone who suffers from chronic lower back or neck pain, I highly recommend using the ArthriFon device to obtain pain relief and healing. It is well worth the money my husband spent for me to finally get relief from the constant pain I have suffered for so many years.


Pat, Programmer, 45, Lawrenceville, PA

Pain was gone

I have had a severe pain in my low back and left hip. I could not even move without pain and sleep and night. I used ArthriFon for five days, pain was gone and I returned to my daily routine, which includes aqua aerobic and hiking. I would highly recommend using ArthriFon to every one who suffers from arthritis pain.

Irina, Housewife, 75, Boston, MA

The muscle spasms had released, and my range of motion had improved to over 95%

About six weeks ago, I was involved in an automobile accident where my car was struck from behind after I had stopped at a traffic light. The whiplash aggravated an old neck injury and I began suffering pain, stiffness, and sever headaches. I spent about two weeks on pain killers and regular visits to a physical therapist, but my headaches would not subside. About four weeks ago, I received your ArthriFon; product from a very good friend. After the first use, my headaches were gone. I left town for a week of business travel and took my ArthriFon device with me. I used the product every night in the hotel room and when I returned to physical therapy a week later, my therapist could not believe the results. The muscle spasms had released, and my range of motion had improved to over 95%. Shortly thereafter, I was dismissed from physical therapy and I now continue to use the device at home, whenever needed. As an aside, my therapist is very interested in reviewing the product in more detail, and possibly offering it to his other patients, for home use. I don’t generally write testimonials, but your product has had such an impact on improving my condition that I wanted to be sure to let you know how much I appreciate it.

Paul, Company Owner, 46, Indianapolis, IN