Mettler Sonicator Plus 940 4 Channel Ultrasound and Electrical Stimulator Combo Unit

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Product Description

Sonicator Plus combination therapy units combine ultrasound with electrical stimulation in one compact package. These units combine the quality and ease of use embodied by the Sonicator therapeutic ultrasound and Sys*Stim stimulator products. Multiple stimulation waveforms and dual frequency applicators for therapeutic ultrasound have been included in these units to increase their utility.

Soft-touch control knobs:

Soft-touch control knobs allow the clinician to adjust the ultrasound or electrical stimulation output levels with confidence.

Ultrasound applicators:

Each Sonicator Plus comes standard with a 5 cm applicator at 1 and 3 MHz (7513). A 10 cm / 1MHz applicator (7310) or a 1 cm / 3.3 MHz applicator may be ordered to expand the therapeutic ultrasound capabilities of any of the three units.

Sonicator Plus 940

The microprocessor-controlled Sonicator Plus 940 is a four channel combination unit. It combines 1 and 3 MHz ultrasound with eight treatment waveforms: Interferential, Premodulated, Medium Frequency (Russian), EMS, High Volt, TENS, Microcurrent and Direct Current (DC). All waveforms are available on all four channels. A dual-frequency 5.5 cm, 1/3 MHz applicator comes standard with the unit. The membrane panel and back-lit LCD touch panel allow the clinician to quickly setup treatment parameters. There are 61 preset programs and space for 80 user-defined programs. An optional 0.9 cm dual-frequency applicator is available.

Weight: 11 pounds, (5 kg)

Dimensions: 4.9 in (H) x 13.6 in (W) x 10.5 in (D), (12.4 cm (H) x 34.5 cm (W) x 26.7 cm (D))

Warranty: 2 years on unit, 1 year on applicator and cable

9401 5.5 cm, 1/3 MHz applicator for the Sonicator Plus 940

9402 0.9 cm, 1/3 MHz applicator for the Sonicator Plus 940

2266 Electrode cable for the Sonicator Plus 940

2267 Optional high volt / DC probe, pin-to-banana adapter and 3 ” x 7″ sponge electrode for the Sonicator Plus 940