Why PRN Flex Omega Benefits Fish Oil?

How are PRN FLEX OMEGA products different from other products on the market?

Selecting an Omega-3 supplement for yourself or for your family can be frustrating and confusing. There are many products to choose from – with differing features, quality, and prices. A high quality Omega-3 supplement should have the characteristics listed below.

a) TG Form absorption: Natural TG form for high potency. The triglyceride form of fish oil is the form that is found in fish and is up to 300% more absorbable than the synthetic ethyl ester forms found in almost all other fish oil products.

b) Concentration potency: PRN products are molecularly distilled to produce the highest concentration of Omega-3s. Most brands contain only 30% Omega-3s. The only thing that counts in fish oil is the concentration of EPA & DHA.

c) Condition specificity: PRN formulates products based on the scientific evidence that supports the anti-inflammatory and brain food benefits of EPA & DHA.

d) Purity: No mercury, PCBs, or other pollutants: PRN products are guaranteed to be free of heavy metals and organic pollutants. The source of the Omega-3 oil in PRN products comes from small fish in unspoiled waters, and the molecular distillation steps further ensure a highly pure Omega-3 oil.

e) Pharmaceutical Grade: PRN products are designated as Pharmaceutical Grade, because it is manufactured to exacting standards in a pharmaceutically licensed facility that uses GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) under FDA oversight.

f) Free from aftertaste or burping: Because PRN products are in the natural, more absorbable TG form, there is no burping or aftertaste.

g) Price: Because PRN products have the highest potency (absorption times concentration) in the marketplace today, the lowest cost per therapeutic dose is provided to the consumer.