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Our Ratings and Customer Satisfaction are Important to Us. Our Customer Satisfaction Rate is Extremely High. All quotes below are from "actual customers."
Below are some examples of CURRENT positive feedback which we would like to share. This is just a small sample of how we value our customers. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality products at the most affordable prices.
3/16/09 5 I was very satisfied
Buyer 3/15/09 5 terrific bargain
Buyer 3/15/09 5 My tens unit and electrode pads arrived very quickly! I am very pleased with both and use them every day.
Buyer 3/15/09 5 rec'd wrong product first, but they immediately shipped correct product & a form to send the wrong product back. Very professional & good customer service. Will definitely shop with LG Med Supply again.
Buyer 3/14/09 5 received when promised.
Buyer 3/13/09 5 Super fast shipping. Product receiving in great condition. Would do business with again.
Buyer 3/13/09 5 very good~
Buyer 3/13/09 5 Very easy transaction. Couldn't ask for better! Thank you...
Buyer 3/13/09 5 The item was received as described and the order came sooner than anticipated. Thanks.
Buyer 3/13/09 5 Received product 2 days after ordering! Product was in perfect shape and they even threw in an extra pack of electrode pads!
5 out of 5: "Very good Product and Fast Shipping!~*" 2/20/2009 Rated by Buyer: Kim G.
5 out of 5: "Excellent service. " 2/20/2009 Rated by Buyer: nancy
5 out of 5: "I'm very happy with this seller. Product arrived early and in perfect condition!" 2/20/2009 Rated by Buyer: Paula E.
5 out of 5: "I entered the order one afternoon and received notice of shipment the next day. It arrived in 2 days, quicker than expected. It works very well, as effective as the big unit my chiropractor uses. I got the 4 channel unit with a/c adaptor because I wasn't sure how effective it would be on batteries, but it was just as effective as on a/c power. I am very pleased with this product and this company."
2/19/2009 ryanltd 5 out of 5: "good"
2/19/2009 Christian D. 5 out of 5: "Part of shipment arrived, when I asked I was told second part would ship from another location, it showed a few days later"
2/18/2009 reidme6 5 out of 5: "Thanks."
2/17/2009 Rated by Buyer: Sharon J. 5 out of 5: "fast delivery"
2/17/2009 Rated by Buyer: bullet29 5 out of 5: "Great product, quick delivery!"
2/17/2009 Rated by Buyer: buikd 5 out of 5: "This seller was very quickly and maintain communication with me. I recommend this seller"
2/16/2009 Rated by Buyer: Karla D. 5 out of 5: "A "
2/16/2009 Rated by Buyer: Essentials 5 out of 5: "Thank you."
2/15/2009 Rated by Buyer: segura26 5 out of 5: "GREA PRODUCT!!..FAST SHIPPING..HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!"
2/15/2009 Rated by Buyer: Justin F. 5 out of 5: "Fast delivery!! All good"
2/14/2009 Rated by Buyer: Brian C. 5 out of 5: "Good product, fast service"
2/13/2009 Rated by Buyer: msims 5 out of 5: "excellent service with quick shipping. 5 star service1"
2/13/2009 Rated by Buyer: Nghia T. 5 out of 5: "the product came as I expected. Thanks"
2/12/2009 Rated by Buyer: YOLANDA 5 out of 5: "Great seller, fast shipping"
2/9/2009 Rated by Buyer: Donna 5 out of 5: "All right"
2/9/2009 Rated by Buyer: Desiderio T. 5 out of 5: "No problems - completely satisfied."
2/8/2009 Rated by Buyer: Michael S. 4 out of 5: "Hven't used it yet,but was very pleased with the quality and price. "
2/7/2009 Rated by Buyer: Linda 5 out of 5: "superfast delivery1"
2/7/2009 Rated by Buyer: grgolish 5 out of 5: "good deal good delivery"
2/6/2009 Rated by Buyer: Daniel N. 5 out of 5: "Fast shipping. Item delivered was exactly as described."
2/6/2009 Rated by Buyer: david24346 4 out of 5: "Order arrived on time and carefully packaged, will order from them again"
104-2407084-1360259 11/6/08 5 great doing business with you
002-1947917-5773859 11/5/08 5 Ordered this on Monday, received it on Wednesday with regular shipping...item is great and FAST shipping! Will do business with again!
105-9497805-4761055 Buyer 10/28/08 5 As described. good service. thanks.
002-6529604-3380263 Buyer 10/28/08 5 Thanks for the great item and service!
002-5330703-5391463 Buyer 10/27/08 5 arrived fast!
104-3546582-6125839 Buyer 10/27/08 4 fast delivery however i will submit another review once i use item
105-3749514-3065838 Buyer 10/26/08 5 Thanks!
Bizrate/Shopzilla: by Online Shopper, Apr 13, 2008
Received just as you said. Very pleased with the shopping experience. Easier than getting in the car and trying to figure out where to go to get what you want!
Online Shopper, Apr 08, 2008
found item missing and emailed lgmedsupply and an immediate reply was sent saying item would be sent asap.
by Online Shopper, Apr 03, 2008
Very very good people to deal with... No hassles no games. Also very high quality items.
by Online Shopper, Apr 02, 2008
Item shipped out the same day it was ordered. Delivery was three days later. Great service! Also, the quality of the unit in respect to the retail cost is excellent. I would certainly encourage others to use this supplier.
by Online Shopper, Apr 02, 2008
Everything went smoothly with this purchase.
by Online Shopper, Mar 22, 2008
Very fast shipping! Very nice unit!
by Online Shopper, Mar 17, 2008
Very pleased with your site as well as delivery
Date Sent: May 15 2008 8:07PM
Overall Great experience
Date Sent: May 12 2008 5:53PM
Thought they were very clear on there products usage and gave great detail. I would recommend to friends/family who are interested.
Date Sent: May 12 2008 10:45AM
I especially liked the free shipping for orders over $100. & for orders under $100, it is a set amount. Very fair.
Date Sent: May 12 2008 4:43AM
Great prices
Date Sent: May 11 2008
looking forward to delivery of products ordered
Date Sent: May 11 2008 3:30PM
easy purchase, fair price
Date Sent: May 11 2008 10:37AM
plenty of selection. easy website to navigate. prices seem reasonable
Date Sent: May 11 2008 7:16AM
I was shoping around on the web, and as soon i saw your products on your site, i fall for them rightaway. I will recommend your products to my friends and family. Miguel Adames Yonkers, NY
Date Sent: May 7 2008 7:01PM
Good overall experience. Liked the 3 day free shipping.
Date Sent: May 7 2008 6:17PM
All items well described and easy to find.
Date Sent: May 6 2008 1:38PM
it was easy to find want i was looking for and there was good infromation about it
Date Sent: May 6 2008 11:12AM
I am so glad that there are product for home use, Chiroprator treatments are so expensive , this is a great option for the treatment of pain.
Date Sent: May 6 2008 6:48AM
It was easy and fast to order.
Date Sent: May 3 2008 11:37AM
This is the second TENS unit I have purchased from lgmedsupply. The first one was for me, this one is for my wife. The first was delivered in less than one week. Super! Price/quality, and service can't be beat
Date Sent: May 2 2008 2:21PM
I was shocked to find this site. My last TENS unit had some kind of retail at $700, with a wholesale of $400 (insurance paid after a car wreck) so these wonderful prices shocked me. My concern is the 7-day return. If it arrives when I don't have time to review materials, that is a problem. I do not like the restocking fee -- how many of these things come back. Also, I am concerned about the electrodes because I've tried several brands and many really irritate my skin. I'm anxious to see if the information is user friendly. It also did not indicate if there was a belt clip for the unit, which is important.
Date Sent: May 2 2008 8:39AM
Good variety of TENS units, reasonably priced. Websit contains very helpful unit descriptions and pain control related information.
Date Sent: May 1 2008 10:43AM
I am very impressed with LGMedSupplies. The cost of the items I have purchased are very reasonable. And, I get my order in such a short time. I have ordered from other companies online before, but LGMedSupplies is my only one from now on! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!
Google Checkout:
5 / 5
Review: LGMedSupply..com
Great service , excellent reception, order taken and delivered according to plan. Thanks again. Google Checkout shopper - Mar 4, 2008
5 / 5
Review: LGMedSupply..com
Product arrived promptly, works as advertised. Google Checkout shopper - Feb 14, 2008
5 / 5 Review: LGMedSupply.com Very Promptly. Google Checkout shopper - Jan 3, 2008
Recent Feedback: 5 out of 5: "Excellent service. Would buy from again." 4/18/2008 Rated by Buyer:
5 out of 5: "great item easy to use and very helpful on my back" 4/16/2008 Rated by Buyer:
5 out of 5: "Thanks!" 4/4/2008 Rated by Buyer:
5 out of 5: "Fast Delivery!" 3/5/2008 Rated by Buyer:
5 out of 5: "Excellent service. Faster than expected." 2/8/2008 Rated by Buyer:
All Feedback: 5 out of 5: "Product exactly as described. I chose this unit over a 875.00 unit with similar features." 5/10/2008 Rated by Buyer: bradbever
5 out of 5: "very speedy delivery" 5/7/2008 Rated by Buyer: Jannah Z. 5 out of 5: "Unit works perfectly. Would recommend to all." 5/5/2008 Rated by Buyer: PAMELA M.
5 out of 5: "Fast and prompt service. Would buy again from seller. Thanks." 5/3/2008 Rated by Buyer: bubbs92
5 out of 5: "Prompt delivery, Great value! Will order from this seller in the future!" 4/29/2008 Rated by Buyer: Monte L.
5 out of 5: "only thing i didnt like is that this would not ship to an A.P.O. address" 4/29/2008 Rated by Buyer: michael j.
4 out of 5: "a little slow in coming; but I am happy" 4/24/2008 Rated by Buyer: Nancy M.
5 out of 5: "Excellent service. Would buy from again." 4/18/2008 Rated by Buyer: Grover W.
5 out of 5: "great item easy to use and very helpful on my back" 4/16/2008 Rated by Buyer: Bilaal N.
5 out of 5: "Thanks!" 4/4/2008 Rated by Buyer: jaa777
5 out of 5: "Fast Delivery!" 3/5/2008 Rated by Buyer:
5 out of 5: "Excellent service. Faster than expected." 2/8/2008 Rated by Buyer:
/12/08 5 Very good service RESPOND
105-7078068-0177035 Buyer
6/11/08 5 Thanks so much! I needed it fast and it came that way, all the way across the country! Great delivery speed, and product- thank you!
102-1204701-0005855 Buyer
6/9/08 5 thank you so much,im sure it will get used alot.
002-4054734-2952231 Buyer
6/8/08 5 Works excellent!!!
104-1652427-2250622 Buyer
6/4/08 5 I would purchase from this seller again. I was very happy!
105-3961978-7125826 Buyer
6/1/08 5 Fast service. Shipped quickly. Accurate description of the product. Best price on the web. And I could use my Amazon reward so that was an added plus. Would buy from this company again.
102-6441522-2990608 Buyer
5/27/08 5 All arrived as stated and on time. Thank you.
102-5364044-3064201 Buyer
5/26/08 4 Works great. Would recommend seller.
104-5182995-3541828 Buyer
5/23/08 5 Thank you!
002-6471305-3588201 Buyer
5/22/08 5 Fast processing, Item as described.
102-6367946-2420260 Buyer
LGMedSupply2 Feedback Count (Lifetime) Positive Neutral Negative 29 100% 0% 0%
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5 out of 5: "Outstanding!" 7/11/2008 Rated by Buyer: Joyce R.
5 out of 5: "Outstanding!" 7/11/2008 Rated by Buyer: Joyce R.
5 out of 5: "I am very happy with this unit." 7/11/2008 Rated by Buyer: lili
7/8/2008 Rated by Buyer: jim_boomgard 5 out of 5: "Great Job perfect! Thanks!"
7/3/2008 Rated by Buyer: thodgkiss1 5 out of 5: "Very good service"
6/12/2008 Rated by Buyer: Martin D. 5 out of 5: "Thanks so much! I needed it fast and it came that way, all the way across the country! Great delivery speed, and product- thank you!"
6/11/2008 Rated by Buyer: Sheri H. 5 out of 5: "thank you so much,im sure it will get used alot."
6/9/2008 Rated by Buyer: danny 5 out of 5: "Works excellent!!!"
6/8/2008 Rated by Buyer: Diane C. 5 out of 5: "I would purchase from this seller again. I was very happy!"
6/4/2008 Rated by Buyer: mcwhorter16 5 out of 5: "Fast service. Shipped quickly. Accurate description of the product. Best price on the web. And I could use my Amazon reward so that was an added plus. Would buy from this company again."
6/1/2008 Rated by Buyer: Rhonda S. 5 out of 5: "All arrived as stated and on time. Thank you."
5/27/2008 Rated by Buyer: Peter H. 4 out of 5: "Works great. Would recommend seller."
5/26/2008 Rated by Buyer: Mary S. 5 out of 5: "Thank you!"
5/23/2008 Rated by Buyer: cosnyder 5 out of 5: "Fast processing, Item as described."
5/22/2008 Rated by Buyer: wwjak 5 out of 5: "Quick and no surprises"
5/20/2008 Rated by Buyer: boles41 5 out of 5: "Product exactly as described. I chose this unit over a 875.00 unit with similar features."
5/10/2008 Rated by Buyer: bradbever 5 out of 5: "very speedy delivery"
5/7/2008 Rated by Buyer: Jannah Z. 5 out of 5: "Unit works perfectly. Would recommend to all."
5/5/2008 Rated by Buyer: PAMELA M. 5 out of 5: "Fast and prompt service. Would buy again from seller. Thanks."
5/3/2008 Rated by Buyer: bubbs92 5 out of 5: "Prompt delivery, Great value! Will order from this seller in the future!"
4/24/2008 Rated by Buyer: Nancy M. 5 out of 5: "Excellent service. Would buy from again." 4/18/2008 Rated by Buyer: Grover W.
Shopping was very easy. This was my first time to shop lgmedsupply. I highly recommend it. Sep 24 2008 4:52PM
Had best price, even with additional supplies and with free shipping. Sep 24 2008 10:49AM
I received information regarding this company from a friend, who was obviously pleased with the product Sep 23 2008 5:30AM
quality products better than any i've purchased before. iam referring my cousin john...Sep 19 2008 2:37PM
good web site. informative and easy to use. Sep 19 2008 1:47PM
ordering was easy. Sep 19 2008 12:50PM
Fantastic prices on their stuff. You cant beat them. If you are looking for any of the products the Sep 17 2008 10:53PM
I appreciate the the fact that you have made this such a accessable acquisition and I look forwrad Sep 17 2008 12:34PM
I recived my EMS on time and works great. Sep 16 2008 2:03PM
Awesome! Sep 15 2008 1:54PM
Grate and easy site. Love Pay Pal option. Sep 13 2008 6:44AM
Your site made it easy to look for what i wanted. It also provided great deals. This was the first Sep 12 2008 9:15PM
Thanks tansween@q.com Sep 11 2008 9:53PM
I found what I was looking for at a great price. Checkout was easy with PayPal. guettermanjc@nc.rr.com Sep 11 2008 8:45PM
Easy to find product and also easy to order. seedysumner@yahoo.net Sep 11 2008 6:52PM
quick and easy....free shipping....pefect tallgirl787@yahoo.com Sep 11 2008 4:56PM
very good selection of products. Sep 11 2008 12:03PM
Past orders were shipped promptly. Merchandise was as stated. Site is easy to use and prices for qu Sep 10 2008 3:22PM
An email I received from LGmedsupply stated I would receive 10% off my order and FREE SHIPPING. I Sep 9 2008 4:39PM
Pleasure to do business with them. Sep 9 2008 10:11AM
I think lgmedsupply are well apponited with a wide spread of products. They are well priced and I w Sep 9 2008 9:36AM
I like the fact that shipping and handling was free. Sep 8 2008 9:16PM
I am very happy with the portable EMS/TENS unit I purchased from you and will continue ordering fro Sep 8 2008 6:00PM
It was very easy to find what I was looking for on the site. I will be returning to your site often Sep 7 2008 8:52PM
Me gusta mucho la variedad de sus productos y sobre todo la explicacion que hacen de cada uno de el Sep 5 2008 11:00PM
site very easy to use. Sep 4 2008 4:31PM
LG-7000 helps aleviate my shoulder pain Sep 3 2008 7:20AM
i liked the special deals after i chose my 1st item Sep 3 2008 7:02AM
I have had leg and foot pain from an accident for over 10 years. My chiropractor recommended this
Russian Stimulator- pro wrestler who recently had surgery to repair my torn tricep. looking forward to using your product.
On the LG-TSP Unit-
Thanks for sending me the above order which came in on time. You guys are the first company I've dealt with that shipped something priority mail free. We get really hit on freight here in Hawaii. It's a real issue and has been for as long as I can remember.
I brought it in for my PT session and had the therapist look at it. He was very impressed. The pins which hold the electrodes are the same diameter as the heavy duty one they have. Based on this, my physical therapist told me what I purchased is the first unit he's seen that has that size pins and considers it "very good." He was more impressed when I told him it runs both on a 9V battery and a transformer (AC adaptor). I told him I get the same results as the one he uses on me. He told me to use both features for my possible recovery on my torn rotator cuff. I will still need an operation done but PT is in preparation for the operation and post operation PT.
I can't thank you enough for this excellent product and now my wife wants to use it for her back.
Now that I have one, I know I'll be comfortable whenever I have a need to use it and not see a doctor unless the pain from exercising is unbearable.
Thank you very much for expediting my order. I forgot who I spoke to when I place the order but I immediately got the e-mail on the status of my order under "LG".
  • Have bought many items for LG Medical since 2012 and never had an issue. Service is always great and the products are excellent quality for a great price. If you have a question and call they are knowledgeable about their products plus the LG web site has many videos and tips. I will continue to buy from LG Medical as I feel the are one of the best in their field. DMD

    - Written on July 17, 2017

  • A family member ordered from LGMedSupply in the past and had great service, and that is why I felt safe ordering from them. And they didn't let me down. I got exactly what I ordered and it got to me when it was supposed to so that is why I gave them the top rating.

    - Written on July 19, 2017

  • I injured my hip bowling. I am a 45 year old female and I thought I had to live with this deep aching annoying pain for the rest of my life; it had been ongoing for 3 years. Oh my goodness this Tens unit changed my life in 3 days . Granted I ran this thing for a couple of hours at a time and on a very high intensity level (it hurt good). BUT I have been pain free for over a month now! The TENS unit loosened up deep into the muscle/nerve whatever it was and wiped my pain away.

    - Written on July 17, 2017

  • I was very happy with the service that I got from the staff at LG Med Supply. I looked all over the net for over a year to see who was the main Co. that had not only what I needed but who was the Co. that seemed to be the main Manufacturer of the Tens Unit. Then I started checking who had all of the Conductive Designed Pads That my Dr. wanted me to have and here again LG Med Supply had all of the items and were offering the best prices on all of the items that I needed. LG Med Supply was hands down the best in all of the categories as far as who had all of the items that I needed from the Back Belt Strap/Neck electrode/Shoulder and Knee Conductive Designed Pads that my Dr. wanted me to start therapy with. LG Med Supply is the only web site that had a vast selection of different shaped Electrodes which deliver a totally different stimulation that really gives you a completely different feeling then a straight square pad electrode. Thank You LG Med Supply for being there in my time of need. Carter

    - Written on January 22, 2018


    - Written on January 16, 2018

  • Just got my LG TECH Elite. First day I am amazed! I was washing dishes which usually puts me down from middle back pain. As soon as the pain started I turned on my tens and instant relief! ! My wife said oh I guess you can go back to work now!! Lol. I wish I knew about this 3 months ago! My life just got a whole lot better!

    - Written on June 28, 2017

  • Excellent, friendly service and very quick delivery. I like doing business with this company and I would not hesitate to order any of their products. They care about their customers.

    - Written on January 31, 2018

  • This Tens Unit is just great. I'm disabled from chronic neck pain and must take numerous medications. I believe this unit is going to help me cut costs on pills as well as give me relief from constant pain. Thank you LG.

    - Written on January 30, 2018

  • LOVE IT! I have only used my unit for a couple of weeks, and it helps with my back and hip pain. I am recovering from surgery for a meniscus tear in my knee, and I use my unit to help with the healing process as well. The power is equal to the units at my physical therapy office. The price is excellent, which allowed me to purchase extra pads, battery charger and lead wires.

    - Written on June 28, 2017

  • My husband had a very painful back problem and we ordered a TENS unit from LG. We got it in a couple of days and are delighted with the service from LG and the efficiency of the TENS unit. We would highly recommend them to anyone!!

    - July 21, 2017

  • it really helps alleviate the pain in my lower back/spine. Meds are no longer necessary and for that I am grateful to LG and this product.

    - January 22, 2017

  • Order was delivered in perfect condition & in a timely fashion. Always pleased with the products and the service of the company.

    - February 20, 2017

  • I did not understand fully how to use the Tens Unit. Lucy with customer service was SO patient and walked me through the entire process My feet felt better just after one session! LGMed Supply would be an excellent addition to your list of trusted companies!!

    - January 17. 2018

  • I purchased this unit after having a knee replacement. I decided to go with the unit that had EVERYTHING ( the price of the unit was the price of two trips to the doctor, it pays for itself). I had a little difficulty programming the unit, but called and spoke to tech support and they walked me through it. Very simple, once you know what you are doing. Thank you LG!

    - January 6, 2018

  • Received next day! Was surprised and delighted!

    - February 2, 2018

  • This little machine is worth every penny if you suffer from chronic pain! Or pain of any sort! I was really confused on what brand to order and what model, etc. and I'm sooo glad I found LG med supply!!! If you're having trouble deciding what model, I highly suggest this Quad Combo! I thought I was going to prefer the TENS mode, but surprised myself by really enjoying the Interferential mode.

    - February 19, 2018

  • Well I'm amazed because it came like the very next day. If it wasn't the very next day, it was definitely the day after that. Wow, they are the fastest I ever did business with online. I'm gonna assume they keep a stock in major cities somehow. Thank you for the opportunity to give them feedback because they do deserve it. Greg L Newman

    - January 11, 2018

  • 'm absolutely IN LOVE with this Quad Combo Unit! I've been looking at ordering a TENS unit for months, went back & forth looking at different places (such as Amazon) and after finding this website, decided I wanted an LG opposed to other cheaper brands. Then, I couldn't decide which model to get! I am SOO happy I talked myself into one that had different modes -- Thought I would prefer the TENS mode, but I actually like the Interferential mode the best! If you're on the fence about ordering one... GO FOR IT! Shipping was FREE & SUPER FAST!!

    - February 2, 2018

  • Product just as described. Was having some lower back discomfort and some tight muscles that were also contributing to the pain. Had been going to the chiropractor which seemed to help so I got one of these so I could do treatments on my own. Well worth the money instead of paying for the chiro visits. Really has helped. Thanks LG!

    - March 4, 2018

  • I just wanted to say that I am so grateful for this device. I have had rotator cuff and scapula pain for some time which was off the charts. I was taking so much pain medication that it was starting to make me have terrible stomach issues. This unit was such a blessing to me. I do have to use it regularly to control my pain levels but it does work. Small investment for great results.

    - March 26, 2018

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