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(SHIPPING INCLUDED) TheraTouch® DX2 Shortwave Diathermy (Deep Heat with Shortwave Diathermy)

(SHIPPING INCLUDED) TheraTouch® DX2 Shortwave Diathermy (Deep Heat with Shortwave Diathermy)
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Model Number: LG-WD2
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(SHIPPING INCLUDED) TheraTouch® DX2 Shortwave Diathermy (Deep Heat with Shortwave Diathermy)
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Diathermy a medical and surgical technique involving the production of heat in a part of the body by high-frequency electric currents, to stimulate the circulation, relieve pain, destroy unhealthy tissue, or cause bleeding vessels to clot.
Scientific Dosage Control (SDC) allows for two additional dosimetry settings within Dose III to provide more options for therapeutic heating within patient comfort tolerances.

  • DOSE I - Subthermal
  • DOSE II - Mild Heat
  • DOSE III - Low Heat
  • DOSE III SDC M - Moderate Heat
  • DOSE III SDC H - High Heat
  • DOSE IV - Vigorous Heat
High Efficiency Auto-Tuning (H.E.A.T.):
Resonant auto-tuning technology continually measures and adjusts to changes in the patient's impedance to provide maximum energy transmission, resulting in faster heating and shorter treatment times.
Microcirculation Indication :
The Microcirculation Indication is an exclusive parameter found in the DX2's Quick Link library to enhance tissue healing, based on studies of sub-thermal pulsed shortwave diathermy.
  • Anatomical Treatment Guide for easy monode placement
  • Save up to 99 user-defined favorites
  • 9 evidence-based Quick Links by Indication
  • Qualitative Thermal Dosimetry with six settings included
  • Easy to use, touch-screen interface
  • USB port for easy software upgrades
  • Dual treatment indicators on unit and inductive drum
  • 3 year warranty

  • (SHIPPING INCLUDED) TheraTouch® DX2 Shortwave Diathermy (Deep Heat with Shortwave Diathermy)

    (SHIPPING INCLUDED) TheraTouch® DX2 Shortwave Diathermy (Deep Heat with Shortwave Diathermy)

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    Customer Reviews
    • Star Rating for Lgmedsupply
      Have bought many items for LG Medical since 2012 and never had an issue. Service is always great and the products are excellent quality for a great price. If you have a question and call they are knowledgeable about their products plus the LG web site has many videos and tips. I will continue to buy from LG Medical as I feel the are one of the best in their field. DMD
    • Star Rating for Lgmedsupply
      A family member ordered from LGMedSupply in the past and had great service, and that is why I felt safe ordering from them. And they didn't let me down. I got exactly what I ordered and it got to me when it was supposed to so that is why I gave them the top rating.
    • Star Rating for Lgmedsupply
      I injured my hip bowling. I am a 45 year old female and I thought I had to live with this deep aching annoying pain for the rest of my life; it had been ongoing for 3 years. Oh my goodness this Tens unit changed my life in 3 days.
    • Star Rating for Lgmedsupply
      My husband had a very painful back problem and we ordered a TENS unit from LG. We got it in a couple of days and are delighted with the service from LG and the efficiency of the TENS unit.
    • Star Rating for Lgmedsupply
      I did not understand fully how to use the Tens Unit. Lucy with customer service was SO patient and walked me through the entire process My feet felt better just after one session!
    • Star Rating for Lgmedsupply
      I purchased this unit after having a knee replacement. I decided to go with the unit that had EVERYTHING ( the price of the unit was the price of two trips to the doctor, it pays for itself).
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